I am available to speak to groups, teach classes and preach in church services. Also, I have developed a seminar which uses my story to framework some of the things I’ve learned, and things we need to know to deal with sexual brokenness in our culture.

Seminar: Spiritual Wholeness in a Sexually Broken World

The purpose of this seminar is to help us think about how we see our sexuality, understand sexual brokenness and consider strategic ways by which we can help ourselves, each other and the Church become healthier in handling human sexuality and growing as spiritual, healthy people.

This seminar is designed to run roughly four hours.

Who is this seminar designed for?

  • People who struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors
  • Those who are in relationship with people who struggle with compulsive behaviors
  • Folks who are group leaders, care givers and spiritual leaders
  • Anyone who wants the church to be spiritually and emotionally healthy
  • Parents who want to help their kids navigate a sexually broken culture

Seminar Outline
Dynamics of Dysfunction in our Culture
Spirituality and Sexuality
Sexual Brokenness in our Culture
Dynamics of Compulsive Sexual Behavior
The spectrum of compulsiveness
The Addictive System and the Addiction Cycle and how it works
How to resolve Sexual Compulsivity
Recognize that there is a problem and you need help
Willingness to go to any lengths
Utilize the Twelve Steps
Develop and utilize honest, healthy relationships
Counseling and therapy
Find and commit to a recovery group
Identify your triggers, maintenance behaviors and faulty core beliefs
Embrace yourself
Identify and rework your thinking patterns
Move your control center from external to internal
Utilize meditation and develop spiritual intimacy
What You need to Know if you’re not the Compulsive One
How the Church’s Thinking and Practices makes this problem worse
What we Need to Change in the Way the Church approaches Sexuality
Spiritual Leadership and Brokenness
Where Do We Go From Here?

Online Messages

Some of my messages since 2009 are available online at www.jacobswellchurch.org; two sermons which include some of my story and specifically address sexual brokenness in the Church are at the above website, February 13, 2011, “Warning or Wooing” and at www.lakelandcommunitychurch.org, Sunday morning podcasts, September 27, 2011, “Shame Off You: Sexuality and Spirituality.”


To schedule me to come speak, please email me at tcryanone@gmail.com.