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It is way too easy to decry the excessive materialism of the way our society celebrates Christmas.  It is true that the genuine and historical story of Christmas is overwhelmed by cultural surges of marketing and gift-giving, of entertaining and indulgence, of sentimentality and the reality that we now live in a society of many […]

Over some years I had the privilege of spending quite a bit of time with Brennan Manning. He used to tell us something like this: some days all heaven wants from us is to show up and shut up. Brennan understands the dynamics of authentic spirituality and human frailty better than most. He recognizes that—no […]

So here’s how the story goes. A man becomes seriously ill to the point it’s life-threatening. His sisters are worried. They send an urgent message to a family friend who is a phenomenal teacher and healer. Come quickly. Please, it’s urgent. He doesn’t. The man dies. For four days Lazarus is dead. Since so few […]

A curious dichotomy marked me as a young person. I had a desire to perform, to impact others and at the same time was shy and reserved, to the point of keen embarrassment when noticed by others. Maybe a lot of us are like this? But for me it was a sharp contrast of competing […]